USCIS Resumes Premium Processing for More H-1B Petitions


Today USCIS resumes premium processing for all H-1B petitions filed on or before December 21, 2018. USCIS previously resumed premium processing service for Fiscal Year 2019 H-1B cap petitions. The suspension of premium processing remains in effect for petitions filed on or after December 22, 2018, except for the following petition types that were exempt from the suspension:

1) Petitions filed with the Nebraska Service Center requesting a continuation of previously approved employment without change with the same employer.

2) Cap-exempt petitions filed with the California Service Center because the employer is cap-exempt or because the beneficiary will work at a qualifying cap-exempt institution, entity, or organization.

In its announcement, USCIS noted, "We plan to resume premium processing for the remaining categories of H-1B petitions as agency workloads permit." USCIS originally projected its suspension of premium processing for H-1B petitions would only last until today.