USCIS Changes Information About Concurrently-Filed I-539s


In an unannounced change, USCIS recently updated its premium processing information webpage to specify it no longer adjudicates I-539s at the same time as I-129s even if the I-539 is concurrently-filed with an I-129 submitted under premium processing.

While I-539 applications are not eligible for premium processing, in the past USCIS often adjudicated I-539 applications at the same time as an I-129 petition concurrently-filed under premium processing. The USCIS website, however, now notes the following: "Premium processing is not available for Form I-539 applications. As a courtesy, USCIS may strive to process a Form I-539 that is co-filed with premium processing eligible forms, such as Form I-129, more quickly. However, they will not be processed concurrently as the revised Form I-539 requires biometrics collection and response for adjudications."