DHS and DOL Propose Online H-2B Recruitment


The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Department of Labor (DOL) have issued a Notice of Proposed Rule-making that would require online H-2B recruitment. The proposed rule would require H-2B petitioners to post job advertisements online rather than in newspapers pursuant to current regulations.

In an e-mail to stakeholders, USCIS summarized the proposed rule as follows:

The proposed rule would require electronic advertisements to be posted on the internet for at least 14 days, replacing the print newspaper advertisements that regulations currently require. DHS and DOL believe this is a more effective and efficient way to disseminate information about job openings to U.S. workers. The Departments believe that electronic advertisements, posted on websites that U.S. workers in the area of the job opportunity would use, best ensures that U.S. workers learn of job opportunities. The joint rule proposes phasing out the current requirements with a limited transition period. During the transition, employers would be able to choose between print and electronic advertisements.

The public comment period ends December 10, 2018.