Goel & Anderson saves a critical Green Card Case after it flatlines

1049flatline.jpgGoel & Anderson is often called by companies when a case goes terribly wrong. And this time it looked terminal. A medical device firm needed U.S. permanent residence status for the leader of its team designing cutting edge software embedded in cardiac pacemakers. The software was capable not only of stimulating a patient’s heart but monitoring it and wirelessly communicating information to doctors and hospital staff.

For a manager with this experience and these talents, a "Green Card" petition should be a sure thing, but the prognosis was grim by the time Goel & Anderson arrived on the scene. Another law firm had the original I-140 petition and I-485 application rejected by USCIS because they filed it with the wrong fees. Their re-filed case was then denied on its merits a year later. The same law firm botched the appeal, and by then it looked it was time to pull the plug.

It would be impossible to extend the manager’s visa status beyond the next few months and he had regretfully begun arrangements to move his wife and children back to their home country.

The company was so dependent upon this manager’s very genuine skills that they called Goel & Anderson for an expert opinion on why things went so wrong. Instead of doing a post-mortem, we resolved to resuscitate the situation through a creative legal strategy that we believed would save the case. We developed compelling arguments with independent documentary evidence to make a successful case, overcame a few procedural hurdles, and the employee and his family had their Green Cards approved just a few months later.

We were happy to be able to avert a disaster that would be as serious for the employee as for the employer. The manager’s appreciation of our efforts was heartfelt: "This marks the end of a long fought battle and one lesson Goel & Anderson ably taught me is loud and clear – DON'T EVER GIVE UP! Thank you for being with me on this long and tortuous path. All credit for the success goes to your extraordinary involvement and professional excellence."

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