Goel & Anderson's super strategy helps a client avoid "super penalties."

1048super_penalties.jpgGoel & Anderson represented a client in a high-profile immigration compliance investigation launched by the U.S. Department of Labor’s national headquarters. The DOL became concerned when a labor union filed complaints against several major IT consulting firms with operations spanning several states. Our client, a leading multinational IT consulting firm in the financial services vertical, was potentially subject to statutory "super penalties" as an H–1B-dependent employer, so "crippling" would not adequately describe a negative outcome to the investigation. In fact, anything less than complete vindication would be devastating to the company’s survival.

Focusing on the critical recordkeeping rules on H-1B Labor Condition Applications, Goel & Anderson took full ownership of the strategic preparatory phase of the client’s defense, assisting in the production and organization of voluminous documentation. There isn’t much the DOL hasn’t seen, but we devised a novel tactical response that surprised even the DOL investigators. We actively managed the flow of information between the client and the DOL over the year-long investigation, while advancing our unique defense. When it was over, the lead DOL investigator praised Goel & Anderson’s team for its open and cooperative approach, and our skillful navigation and mastery of the appropriate DOL regulations. Our consistent and comprehensive strategy achieved the client’s goal: a finding of "No Violation."

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