Goel & Anderson is a knowledge leader in immigration law.

266immigrationoffice.jpgWe offer a variety of on-line resources for clients, from answers to the questions we are most frequently asked to immigration news updates on regulatory changes in immigration policy.

Breaking news can be found on the firm’s home page and a record of older immigration news is archived and accessible through our Immigration News Archive. You can sign up to receive a sophisticated analysis of current trends in our Immigration Newsletter as well as client alerts with targeted information of special interest. Finally, we have aggregated information that is especially relevant for Human Resource professionals and individuals in the middle of the immigration process, and provided useful external links to a variety of relevant government agency sites.

While you will find a significant amount of immigration-related intelligence on our website, it is no substitute for a discussion tailored to your specific needs. Please contact us to arrange a consultation that will provide a targeted assessment of your position and a viable strategy for achieving your personal or corporate goals.