Our most critical responsibility is guiding clients so that they never have to defend themselves against charges of immigration violations.

Civil or criminal sanctions can cripple a company. Government agencies are increasing immigration audits, investigations and raids, shifting their focus from undocumented aliens to corporate employment eligibility verification and Labor Condition Application compliance.  Our mastery of immigration regulations and our experience on both sides of the aisle help us vigorously defend employers in worksite enforcement actions and H-1B wage claim cases. It also allows us to help employees maintain their immigration status and collect back wages when wronged by unscrupulous employers.

Whether the investigation letter comes from the Department of Labor, the State Department, USCIS, the Social Security Administration or Immigration and Customs Enforcement, you need us in your corner.

Immigration-related labor and employment law compliance isn't easy for HR managers. Employer obligations increase daily, from initiating timely visa renewals to maintaining I-9 forms, LCA public access files, position classifications and pay scales, to say nothing of employers and federal government contractors wrestling with E-Verify requirements and tracking Social Security “No Match” problems.

Goel & Anderson is there to help, making it clear what documentation the government expects to see in every employee record and helping companies catch up. We offer flexible, proactive immigration consulting services, from mock audits to developing training procedures on employment eligibility and record keeping so that a company never falls behind again. We are also an excellent resource for specialized due diligence in M&A deals because we can identify and quantify critical immigration compliance liabilities that less specialized corporate law firms don’t recognize.