Our Technology

G&A is an industry leader in the development and use of technology to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of immigration solutions and services. GATEWAY™, our custom-designed digital immigration management system, creates value for clients by streamlining processes, enhancing communication, and capturing data to produce actionable business intelligence.  

1424Gateway_Red_-_Small.jpgGATEWAY™ uses artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, robotic process automation (RPA), powerful case management functions, dynamic questionnaires, intuitive dashboards, and custom workflows to improve quality, streamline business processes, and identify emerging trends through powerful reporting and analytics capabilities. 

G&A’s ongoing investment in software development, cybersecurity, and early adoption of innovative technology has long been a key differentiator for the firm. Many of our most longstanding clients are leaders in the technology space, and increasing value through legal technology has been part of our DNA for more than two decades. Today, with an in-house technology team, G&A can rapidly develop solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of the firm and its clients.

As the premier digital immigration technology software platform, GATEWAY™ enables G&A to better understand a client’s business, tailor strategic guidance to meet their objectives, and deliver cost-efficient services with certainty.