Goel & Anderson focuses on one thing.  Immigration.  Nothing else.

Many law firms are only now recognizing that immigration doesn’t just facilitate movement, it is often a crucial business and economic necessity. As they begin to assemble immigration departments, Goel & Anderson is well into its second decade as a top tier immigration law firm, focused on the essential business role that immigrants can play in innovation, job growth, and economic progress. This business acumen and our commitment to a smarter, superior standard of service has made us one of the most respected firms in the immigration world among peers, clients, and government officials. We offer advice and counsel to a broad range of industries and people, with an unwavering commitment to superior service in every case we undertake. 

Based outside of Washington, DC in Reston, Virginia, Goel & Anderson offers clients its extensive experience and a comprehensive understanding of all areas of business, employment, and family-based immigration law. Our other great resources are the skill, vision, and creativity of our lawyers who are truly immigration strategists. We help clients develop effective immigration and global mobility programs, maximize successful immigration outcomes, and avoid the pitfalls of immigration compliance.

We succeed, in part, because we have a better understanding of how the government thinks. We spent significant time doing just that kind of thinking ourselves on the other side of the fence working on immigration issues in key government positions. It gives us unique insight into what matters to the people whose decisions matter so much to our clients.

Our goal was to create an immigration firm that was international in scope and personal in nature; we wanted it to be a pleasure to work with us, and a nice place to come to work. We are known for a firm environment that is highly professional and also highly human. Our training is exceptional and we reward great performance while making sure that nobody has to sacrifice their personal life to succeed here. We are also committed to pro bono initiatives to help individual clients with special needs, often victims without access to the resources they need to make positive changes in their lives.

The firm maintains exceptionally high professional standards. Our immigration attorneys speak regularly on immigration issues as recognized leaders within a highly specialized bar and are active in industry groups such as the American Immigration Lawyers Association, the Society for Human Resource Management and various bar associations. We also are not afraid to question unjust laws and decisions and work to affect national policy reform because immigration policies affect not just corporate bottom lines but individual lives.

The firm’s partners aggressively protect our clients’ interests because we all share the fundamental understanding that every case represents a real person, whose hopes, dreams, and aspirations we never forget.